One of the emerging film talent, C. Martín Ferrera has shown great technical and narrative talent.


Part of this success is due to his first film ZULO. Considered essential cult fimit was selected in many international festivals with awards such as the Jury at the Festival of Sitges 2005 or Gaudí nomination for Best New Director in 2006.


In 2009 he directed SUSPICIOUS MINDS, a psychological thriller released in USA and HBO and it gets two awards at the Spanish Film Festival of Malaga. After he filmed the Movie TV thriller CODE 60. Since then he develops a parallel career between Spain and the United States.


He is currently works as a director in White Leaf Producciones and prepares his ambitious new feature film, produced by Zentropa , the company of the famous director and producer Lars Von Trier.

Sergy Moreno, director, realizador, cine, publicidad, videoclips, televisión, anuncios, spots, audiovisuales